Date of Birth: 07-15-2014
Country: Vietnam

Holt-VN decided to support the family to pay partial school meals for her since Sep. 2016.

Mai Linh was mild malnourished upon admission. Having meals at the kindergarten is good for her health.

Tran Thao Linh and Tran Mai Linh are twin sisters of a poor family. Their grandmother lives with their family. The main income of 5 members is based on transplanting 360m2 of field which gives them approximately 300 pounds of rice per six months and their father's job which gives them about 50US dollars per month. Their mother hopes to find a job to generate income for the family when the children go to the kindergarten all day. With tight income, they don't have enough money to pay school meals for Thao Linh and her twin sister at kindergarten.

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