Date of Birth: 07-28-2009
Country: Vietnam

There are four people in her family. Duyen is the youngest child of her family. She lives with her parents and a sister. The monthly incomes of her parents are low so that they can't cover basic living costs and school fees of their children.

Duyen is in normal health condition.

Duyen's family is listed as a poor household by the local authority. They have got 500 square meters of farmland on which is planted thirteen coconut trees. Their house is small with area about 60 square meters. Every month, Duyen?s parents harvest coconut fruits and can earn about 150.000 VND (nearly 6.6 USD). Her father is a construction worker in Ho Chi Minh city where is over 100 km far from his house and he seldom returns home. He supports his family about 1.500.000 VND per months (nearly 66 USD). Duyen?s mother is a daily wage worker. Her job depends on the need of employer and is not regular. With such low income and unstable job that may lead the child to risk of dropout, the local authority referred this case to Holt for help.

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