Date of Birth: 03-27-2015
Country: Thailand

Rapipat's family consists of the father, the mother, 3 older brothers and the boy. The father was bitten by a snake and lost his right leg. At that time, the boy was still young. The mother had to resign from working at a grocery shop to mind the father and the boy. At the beginning stage, the mother gained an income from peeling shrimps at home. When the father had been in better health, she was a shop assistance in the morning. The family had financial problem. The children were not under good care.

Rapipat gained weight lower than standard. His hygiene was not clean and had skin rash. He did not take his daily meals regularly. He also took sweetened condensed milk.

Rapipat?s parents had 4 children. The father had the prosthetic of his right leg after losing the leg because of being bitten by a snake. He could not get a job. The mother was a daily worker earning uncertain income. The children were not under good care, especially on nutrition and hygiene.

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