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Children in Korea Need Loving Adoptive Families!

Many children in Korea are waiting, right now, to be matched with adoptive families. While domestic adoption has grown and gained wider cultural acceptance in Korea, for many children, international adoption is the only remaining route to a permanent family. Children in need of homes are mostly boys, 6-12 months at time of match with a family, and approximately 2 years old when they come home.

Korea Adoption

Five Facts About Adopting From Korea

  1. Children in Korea still need loving families to adopt them!

  2. Most children coming home to families are toddler-age.

  3. Like most adoption programs, all children who need families from Korea have at least some health issues. However, their conditions are often minor, and many children are considered healthy in the U.S. Common conditions include prematurity and related conditions, minor-moderate alcohol/tobacco exposure, minor heart murmur and skin conditions, among others.

  4. The Korea program now accepts older applicants! Families can proceed with the Korea process as long as their home study is approved before either of them turns 45. The Korean government may also now grant age waivers to parents up to age 49 at the time of home study approval if one of the following criteria is met:
    • Both applicants are Korean-American.
    • At least one applicant is a Korean adoptee.
    • The applicants have previously adopted a child from Korea.

  5. The care children receive in Korea is second to none. While waiting to join an adoptive family, almost all children stay in the loving care of a foster family – providing nurturing, individual attention to help children reach critical developmental milestones, and form healthy emotional attachments. Korea's exceptional medical care system also keeps children healthy and strong while waiting to come home.

The Holt legacy began in Korea...

For almost 60 years, South Korea has partnered with Holt to find loving, stable homes for orphaned and abandoned children. The partnership began in 1955, in the wake of the Korean War, when Harry and Bertha Holt urged Congress to pass a special act allowing them to adopt eight Korean orphans. The following year, the Holts established the first international adoption program in Korea. Today, Holt continues to seek loving adoptive families for children in Korea who truly need them. Through the years, Holt has also established programs in Korea to help children with special needs reach their full potential in life; to provide loving temporary foster care for children awaiting adoption; and to help children grow and thrive in the loving care of their birth families.

To learn about the many different ways Holt serves children and families in Korea, click here.
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