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Our legacy begins in Korea...
For over 56 years, South Korea has partnered with Holt to find loving, stable homes for orphaned and abandoned children. The partnership began in 1955, in the wake of the Korean War, when Harry and Bertha Holt urged Congress to pass a special act allowing them to adopt eight Korean orphans. The following year, the Holts established the first international adoption program in Korea.
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Economic and social change...
Beginning in the 1960s, South Korea experienced rapid economic and social change, including greater cultural acceptance of domestic adoption. As more Korean families embraced orphaned and abandoned children into their homes, Korea saw a diminished need to place children overseas. And in the mid-1970s, Korea stated a goal to end the practice of international adoption.

A philosophy of child care adopted throughout the world...
In 1965, the Holt's developed a foster care program in Korea founded on a philosophy of affectionate care to nurture children's growth and development while awaiting a permanent home. This model of care has since been replicated throughout the world.

A Growing Domestic Program...
In the 1980's as domestic adoption within Korea began to steadily grow and become more accepted, the Korean Government began to require that all international adoptions go through government licensed agencies only. In the late 80's a quota system for international placements was established tying the number of children approved for international adoption to Korea's domestic adoption numbers.

A continuing need for international adoption...
Today, there still exists a strong and urgent need for international adoption from Korea. While domestic adoption within Korea has grown and gained wider cultural acceptance, there are still children who are in need of international adoption in order to have a permanent family. Children in need of homes are mostly boys, 6-9 months at time of match with a family and approximately 2 years old when they come home.

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Children recently home from Korea
Children recently home from Korea
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